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This has been our 6th Joy Prom experience! Every year Joy Prom is a major happening for our family. Our daughter looks forward to this spectacular event from the day after Joy Prom. We are so thankful for all who give so much of their time, love and hard work to make Joy Prom an evening to remember!

I just want to give thanks to everybody for what they have done. Volunteering is wonderful, it makes my daughter's day and mine. Thank you. God Bless.

My daughter Sumi was so happy to be able to attend this event. All the people and event sponsors deserve a well deserved thank you. This will be a day my daughter will never forget. -
George Watson; Parent

Thanks for doing this prom for the kids, they are #1. He is my brother-in-law. Thanks and he is so happy.
Juan Curiel; Brother-in-law

The prom is amazing, don't change anything. The people are amazing and kind. We're thankful for all the people who take the time out of their time to come and participate in all of these events and be with these wonderful and talented kids.

Janie looks forward to Joy Prom every year. It's so much fun for Jane and the whole family shopping for a dress and going for fittings. Our friends and neighbors also get involved in the excitement of dressing up to go to the big party. Thanks for the coffee and pastries!!

This is great for my child and myself. Thank you!

Joy Prom is so much fun for everyone. This special evening they get to dress up and dance just like a prom and they all feel special. The world should do more things like Joy Prom. All the volunteers that come from all over the county and Nevada deserve a clapping hand.

Thank you so much for invitng the students from Desert Oasis High School to Joy Prom. They had a wonderful time! It must have taken an incredible amount of time to organize all of the volunteers. We really appreciate it!!
Jennifer Davis

My son’s happiness can not be measured by any material things. He looks forward to JOY Prom and the sparkle of his eyes is very moving. Seldom would I see my son as happy, joyful and contented. THANK YOU JOY Prom.

Rosalinda Ligsay; Parent

Janine was so excited all week since she heard she was selected to go to Joy Prom! All week she talked about going and even had taken out her dress and nylons in preparation to go!
Janine Klein; Guardian

Thank you for inviting Desert Oasis HS to the Joy Prom. I had so much fun! I loved singing and dancing with everyone.
Alex Martinez; Guest

This is such a great event. I was moved by how many young people volunteered to be 'prom dates'. The energy is great and we made a few friends in the parent's room.
Aida Robles; Friend of Guest

This event brought me to tears. This is my son's and mine first year attending and I was blown away. It is hard for me to imagine the time, hard work, passion and dedication that was put into such a wonderful event. Thank you for making my son feel 'special' for an evening.
Arlene Cooper; Parent

It is so wonderful for the kids. My son loves it.
It is so beautiful. You all do a wonderful job.
Please keep it up.
Suzette Thomas; Parent

What a wonderful event! I was very impressed with the way I was greeted by one of the Fire Rescue. To the staffing, what could you did better better? I think you have thought of everything. Thank you all for a wonderful evening. Hope my sister is invited next year.
Chuck Garrison; Brother of Guest

I really enjoy this event. This event is very special for those kids who are special. VERY GREAT EVENT!!
Laurren Takahata; Parent

My daughter Renee looks forward to JOY Prom every year. She loves the dress up and all the attention.
JeaneIe Shoemaker; Parent

This is the 2nd year Tyler was selected to attend the JOY Prom. Last year he had an amazing hostess and this year as well. We are so grateful for such a special event like this. In a typical setting, my son would never get to experience a prom like this. Thank you to all the people who have contributed to make this event possible.
Alicia Jividen; Parent

My daughter Amanda is a client at Opportunity Village. She has attended JOY Prom several times and looks forward to it every year. This is a great thing you are doing....a very special night for her and all the participants.
Louis Del Giorno; Parent

2012 danced the night away.
2013 enjoyed our massage. What a great way to get ready to boogie.
Tamara; Hostess w/ the Mostess

This is our 3rd year attending Joy Prom. It truly is a JOY! In our family we have joy prom count down!
Our Daughter Sara Cherishes this day all year long! Thank you ALL for your love,generosity and for putting on the best Prom in the country for our Special Children!

We come to the Prom with other families from the DSOSN and it is a great time for all kids and Parents. Thank you for a great time!
Frank; Parent

Special Night for Special People
Great Event
Good Organization
Whoever chairs this event does a fine job pulling so many people and organizations together.
John; GrandParent

Thank you. I appreciate your sponsorship for our "kids". My son has been looking forward to today. I am very impressed with the kindness shown to me as a parent. At least on this one day, our "kids" know just how special they are. Thanks again.!!
Cassandra; Parent

Joy Prom is such an exciting event! It is a very organizeed night and the staff informs of, of all the relevant info we need to know. Thank you for taking care of all your volunteers with food and whatever else we need!
Mercedes; Hostess

This is my second year doing Joy Prom. I am too excited for tonight. I got 8 of my friends/peers to sign up with me also as hosts and hostesses. My Goal for next year is to get 15 because I want everybody to be able to experience this fabulous event! One of the best nights of the year!
Friederike; Host

I enjoyed playing in the Orchestra and watching everyone enjoy our music. It made me really happy seeing the smiling faces. Thank you, it was a wonderful experience.
Caroline; Orchestra Performer

We especially enjoyed the HUGE smiles on the faces of a few male guests who were given a young lady on each arm!
Kathy and Paige; Host Runners

I enjoyed making people smile. Giving them compliments how well they looked. I got to represent for this amazing event. THANK YOU VERY MUCH....The pleasure was ultimately mine I loved cheering for this crowd.
Madison; VCA Cheer team

My guest was an absolute Joy to be around. This is my first time at Joy Prom, and Amber made it such a wonderful experience. Thank you to everyone who made this night special.
Andrea; Hostess

A guest -asked for an autograph- exclaimed, "Now I know what it feels like to be a movie star!" A heartwarming sentiment from one of our amazing guests.
Maria; Red Carpet Fan

My family loves to dress up and get other volunteers to take part in the program. We do the Dance/Music Classes, Bowling,Etc. This Prom is so Great. Thank you
June; GreatGrandma

Just Seeing the wonderful smiles on everyones faces shows the enjoyment in life. Helping create such a wonderful event and sharing the energy of everyone it really means a ton. Thank you very much
Vik; Photographer

There isn't any one event during this prom that I could ever forget. All of the guests were elegant and I fell in love with each and every one.! The volunteers were outstanding and the atmosphere ELECTRIC and filled with Love and Joy!
Rosy; Flower Attendant

This is my 2nd time at this event. It is the best and I hope to volunteer every year.
John; Host

It Was great to watch the faces of everyone as the arrived. You could feel how excited they were to be here tonight. It was a pleasure to be a part of this. Thank you
Officer Bill Gibbs; Volunteer Greeter

It was truly an honor to be a part of this special event. Thank you to the coordinator for letting me be a part of it. The looks on the faces of all who entered was very moving. Truly touched my heart.! Thank you!
Officer Mike Springer; Entrance Welcome Party

Thank you so much. I was overwhelmed by how wonderful this event was. Im so happy for these kids and so thankful to all who volunteered.
Kelly; Parent of Autistic Child

I was walking a woman towards the door. I asked her how she was doing and complimented her on her dress and she replied "Thank you, I love you too." it was cute and made me laugh.
Jonathan; Greeter

We LOVE joy prom! Our son has Down Syndrome, he doesn't and he loves getting dressed up and seeing his peers. As Parents, we couldn't be Happier! To see our son going to the same things his "typical" brother does make my heart happy! Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness!
Laurie; Parent

My Son, Scott, Is autistic and very shy. But, he enjoys getting dressed up and coming to the Joy Prom. This is his second visit and my husband and I are very grateful to be able to bring him to an event and know he is safe and well taken care of!
Martha; Parent

This is my daughters 2nd Joy Prom. She loves the experience. It is a true blessing to give our children a very, special evening just for them. We love shopping for a new dress and getting all dolled up. Thank you so very much for all you hard work for our special adults!
Tammy; Parent

My daughter Kristin has had the opportunity to attend the Joy Prom twice. She was so excited about coming and once she got there her smile continued the entire night. She was treated beautifully by a wonderful firefighter and we appreciate the "M Hotel" ! Thank you
Sherry; Parent

This being my first Joy Prom. I didn't know what to expect. I knew I Would see some old friends. I didn't know I would be so touched. Some of the guests almost had me in tears,they were so excited! this is a beautiful event that makes such an impact on guest and volunteers alike, I can't wait for next year!
Samantha; Flower Room

This was an amazing, one of a kind experience. I really enjoyed handing flowers to the attendees and seeing their faces light up. I will take this experience with me forever, and I look forward to volunteering again next year and for many years to come.!
Dacia; Flower attendant

Watching Amanda's face as she sat down to receive her "beauty treatment". Its at that moment, that as a parent, you realize that your baby girl is growing up and your job as a parent may become difficult. But you welcome the challenge, as the love for your child pushes you forward, and you refuse to let your baby grow up.
Rosemarie and John; Parent

We thank you for the opportunity for my son to be invited. He had a lot of fun. Please keep it the same it is a nice experience not only for my son. It is also nice for the parents and volunteers. Thank you
Luis; Parent

My son is so excited, and full of smile this whole day. He looks forward to this gala night. His eyes sparkles, and the smile never leaves his face. A day full of happiness, confidence and most of all he could see a lot of LOVE all over the place.
Gil and Rosalinda; Parents

We are so grateful to the organization who hosted this prom. My son has never been to an event of this caliber. He has been all smiles this evening. Thank you to all the kind people who donated their time to this great cause.
Alicia; Parent

My sister has a disability and up until last years Joy Prom, she hated having her hair done, and she never wanted a male host. Las year she chose a host and has been looking forward to tonight ever since.
Becky; Hostess

This was my daughter's first experience attending the JOY Prom. To say the least, she was ecstatic. Every detail for an enjoyable evening was carefully planned. Not only my daughter, but her fellow classmates were pampered to their heart's content. This function is an excellent event and I support many more functions. I would like information on how to volunteer. Keep up the GREAT work.
Marianne Goodrich; Parent

What a wonderful experience for my daughter. This will be an everlasting memory for her and myself. This experience is amazing and better than my very own prom. I am touched by the volunteer youth that are helping make this experience unforgettable. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for puttng on this event. All the added touches of the red carpet experience with the LV Metro PD, to the salon treatment and tiaras and the dates for the participants. It just makes me want to cry tears of joy to see my daughter having such an amazing time and smiling. Her ‘date’ Gavin is such a gentleman and so sweet to my daughter. Thank you.
Christine Zaporowski; Parent

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you all, and I hope all the staff is proud of the job they did for all your guests. It is such a happy, JOYous event to be a part of.
Sandra; Volunteer

We wanted to thank you for adding our Janie’s name to your special invite list this year. She had a wonderful time. It was a beautiful evening.
Arline Caggiano

This is the second time Andrew was able to attend. And he was thrilled when he found out he even had a facial, pedicure, manicure and his hair done...he looks extra cool. God bless you all for doing this. No where in the US can top this hospitality for our kids.
Tina Zambo; Parent

Appreciate all the planning and kindness that is shown at this event. My son attend a few years back and was very excited to attend again. Thank you for all you do! God bless.
Martha and Mark Hincher; Parent

We are so grateful for all the JOY this event brings our daughter.
Leah Burrell; Parent

JOY Prom has been such a blessing to our 3 foster sons. We have enjoyed this every year---every one gets more wonderful. God bless all of you.
Linda Wells

This is the 1st time we were invited and it appears to be quite the event. Im sure my Eryck will be totally entertained. Special thanks to all for treating us like kings and queens.
Kathleen; Parent

I have a tender heart and it has been truly touched. My journey with my daughter has been exciting. But, to see all of the kind, giving volunteers to make this possible is amazing. I love everybody being the same. Wow, who would have thought 37 years ago, all would be possible. LETS BE THANKFUL
Leah; Parent

I had a great experience last year! They had great food and music! we had fun! I definitely will recommend to everyone to participate!
Berlyn; Hostess

Last year when my guest asked me to be a part of the photo at the end of the red carpet, it completely made my night! I loved dancing all night and the way I felt about myself after volunteering.
Erica; Hostess

I love being in the presence of like-minded individuals who love to pay it forward!
Miriam; Hostess

This is my 1st Year being a part of the prom. Looking forward to seeing how the night goes. I love all the energy that has been put into this evening. I am blessed to part go an amazing organization.
Christi; Hostess

It was an amazing experience my guest Amber was so sweet, smart and a blast to be with, I was sad to see her go. I will absolutely like to volunteer again next year.
Nadia; Hostess

So wonderful to see how much fun the guest and their parents had on the red carpet.
Lynn; Photographer

It was an awesome, organized event and I will definitely be coming back next year.
Bree; Greeters

Thank you so much. This is the best. Monica, every year has so much fun. and this is one VERY SPECIAL NIGHT for them.
Era; Parent

This was my second time here and I loved it. It was awesome to see everyone so happy and dressed up.
Amanda; Welcome Greeters

Had a great time meeting great people doing great things!
Cameron; Welcome Greeter

Had a wonderful with my date Jesus! A experience I will never forget! Look forward to next years. THANK YOU
Lauren; Hostess

I loved seeing how excited the guests were to be here. They Looked so Beautiful.
Daryn; Welcome Greeter

What an amazing experience getting to see all the faces when they see all the crowns and beautiful teens and ladies. Their smiles light up the room and the pictures taken were pure joy. I love joy Prom.!!
Nichole; Flower Attendant

During joy prom 2013, I had the honor to be a volunteer greeter. I really Enjoyed this experience.
Jillian; Volunteer Greeter

I Had a great time watching all of the people coming and welcoming Them with the pieces our quarter played. Thank you for having us.!
Charmaine; Performer

Ive helped with joy Prom for years, and Im moved each time. There always these moments between volunteers and guests. A magical connection. The Smiles are embedded in ones memory and are sure to last a lifetime.
Scott Roeben; Organized Paparazzi

Liked the pretty dresses pretty flowers, photographers and swimming pool
Dominique; Vegas Cheer Authority-Aviator Cheerleader

My son doesn't get out much because of his and my work schedule. This is so awesome to be at Joy Prom! Especially being Pampered. He deserves it! He is a hard worker and when He is not working he helps take care of his Father who is disabled and helps with housework. Thank you soooooooooo much for allowing him this opportunity. What a special group of people to share their love and talents with this group of children. May God bless you- Jays Mom
Kris; Parent

Your Organization puts on a great prom. Thank you Betty; Parent

This is the 2nd time my daughter has been invited. She was so excited to attend- this is a great event. We are so blessed. Thank you
Regina; Parent

My sister has attended the joy prom for the last 3 years and what a wonderful time she has! The M resort puts on a first class event and is appreciated so much. God Bless you all and thank you so much !
Marlene; Sister

This is the most spectacular event! Myself and my husband are so grateful our daughter was able to experience this unforgettable night. Tonight is going to be a night our daughter (and Us) will never forget! Thank you to all who put this together, you are all amazing
Naomi; Parent

Very lovely, very well organized. Beautiful Themes A+
Sabrine; Guardian

Amanda is 30 yrs old developmentally delayed member of opportunity Village. This is her 2nd time at joy prom. It is a gift that keeps on giving. Amanda looks forward with great joy to attending. It is a beautiful experience for all.! Thank you for all that you do.!
Mary; Parent

This was terrific- Besides being wonderful These children will never forget this- Everyone who may never have a chance for this time except for this gala affair. Thanks to all. I will remember all in my prayers.
Suzette; Mom-Grandma

Our son, Peter, Almost never gets out independently. Even though he's safely surrounded by volunteers, this is such an uplifting experience for him to do something "by himself" with his friends. THANK YOU !
Jim and Liza; Parents

This is me and Sisters first time here and we love it. I believe this program is very encouraging for the families who have special kids. These kids that come here don't need to think they are alone and that there will always be someone that loves them. I love this program so much that one day in the future it would be my pleasure to volunteer at this wonderful program.
Laurren; Sister

This is the best Mothers day weekend. Thank you to all the wonderful people that volunteer for this event. I know this is so special for Lori. She never had a prom to go to.! God Bless the people and M Resort
Linda; Parent

My Brother, Alphonso is very excited! Enjoyed meeting new people, the food was excellent. I can't wait for next year! We love the "M" Hotel, very beautiful place to have the Joy Prom. Very elegant! See you guys next year!
Cynthia; Sister

I am the proud uncle (guardian) of Zachary Painter. Zachary is an eleventh grader at Sierra Vista high school. Zachary unfortunately lost his father in 1998 and was raised by his grandmother until 2011 at which time we were able to begin our care for him. This is hands down the most amazing thing he has ever experienced in his young life. I am amazed and blessed to experience along side of him, a night he will never forget. God Bless you all!
Brett; Parent

Is was such a blessing to see how happy and excited my sister Janine Klein was from the moment she was introduced to her escort Matt, to having her make up done and being cheered and celebrated as she went through the lines! Thank you ! God Bless you
Michael and Katherine; Sister and Guardian

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